Strategic Land Conservation expertise

Full project management and strategy implementation to preserve and protect meaningful environmental resources for future generations.   VCP assists clients in their desire to participate in land conservation and maximize the associated benefits.


Captive Reinsurance for Business Owners

We offer our clients a unique approach to risk management.  We combine risk management strategies, tax efficiency and administrative ease to help our clients control risk, improve cash flow, and accumulate wealth, while giving the business owner control and flexibility at a competitive low cost from other captive designs.

Strategic Real Estate Investment

Focus is placed on expanding the yield curve by seeking out value-add and development opportunities across asset types.  With an extensive real estate investment background, access to off market opportunities is often of interest to clients.  Our experienced external commercial real estate partners invest in two primary asset classes: 1) Grocery anchored shopping centers with opportunity to add value through prudent purchasing, fiscal management, physical plant upgrades, diligent tenant sourcing and sound property management, and 2) Hotel opportunities that include adaptive reuse, new development, and acquisitions under special situations.   Those looking for alternative investments should review opportunities we have access to and invest in ourselves.  Many of our clients co-invest with us in value-add real high quality private real estate opportunities.

Advanced Planning Strategies

Having decades of professional institutional advanced financial planning experience, VCP designs tax and financial strategies that further enhance wealth creation beyond basic limited qualified plan strategies. Remove the uncertainly and volatility of the market. Come to understand that direct market investment and risk is not always the only solution. Rest assured that no more losses to market downturns is achievable in your savings plans with contractural guarantees while ensuring that the increasing risk of life longevity in retirement does not need to be an issue.

Advanced Life Insurance Design

Maximize savings accumulation, lowest cost, with greatest tax efficiency.  Grow real savings in a secure manner.    Losses in the stock market do not have to be part of your financial experience in achieving “real” wealth growth.   When properly designed, life insurance is not an “expense”, it’s a long term investment with clear benefits and guarantees that other investments cannot deliver.   As a non-captive insurance agency, we have the ability to bring the best solution to the client.

Business Insurance and Executive Benefit plan design

** Key Man – protect the business from the loss of key employees

** Buy-Sell – protect the economics of the success you have had in building your business

** Income Deferral – as a business owner, income deferral with “current deduction,” and mutually exclusive of qualified plans with a proprietary proven plan design.  A tax-favored long-term cash accumulation and income distribution in a conservative vehicle.  This company sponsored plan for a business owner or key executive can provide enormous result and tax free versus an alternative taxable investment earning 8%.

** Bonus Plans (tax neutral to valued employees creating incentive to remain and align with company objectives)

** Disability Income Protection Solutions -- Individual (portable) or Company Benefit Plan provided.  Our independence in the market will assure the best available protection in the market for the client.

** Deferred Compensation plans provide business owners with the opportunity to lower taxable income for their key employees (including themselves), while providing supplemental source of retirement income.  Since they are non-qualified plan and not subject to ERISA requirements, the owner can select who participates in the plan and tailor the plan to each employee. 

** Other plan designs without qualified plan restrictions

Structured finance advisory

Having delivered on some of the most challenging finance projects over the years working with diverse clients operating in more then 10 countries, Verity’s experience has enabled client’s goals to be achieved through structuring tailored financing strategies. In a challenging and complex traditional banking and credit environment, it is important to have the capability to take a given client’s distinct situation and goals and turn it into results.